How to Climb a Lady’s Tower


Miss Rebecca Hawkins’ freedom is limited. Controlled by her title-hungry uncle, she is expected to court and wed the most boring lord her uncle finds acceptable. She yearns for adventure, but a single lady has no business seeking adventures according to society. Zachary Caswell has little use for the Ton. Having inherited his uncle’s title and estate, he arrives in England with American attitudes and manners that are so contrary to the expectations of the Ton that his attempts to trace a stolen ring prove more difficult than expected. When Zachary and Rebecca cross paths, they seem to have little in common, but attraction sparks, and with a ring to find, adventure might be in the cards too.

"How to Climb a Lady's Tower" is an elegant take on historical romance, where lords and ladies meet for only a few moments at a time but sparks fly anyway. A charming if unusual couple, Rebecca and Zachary are balanced and provide plenty of interest over the course of the story. The cast of side characters, often quirky and deserving of their own books, provide the appropriate movement to not only propel the plot, but also keep the reader wondering what outrageous thing will be said or done next. While the ending is predictable and the plot not terribly original, this story has all the trappings of a solid regency romance, but with the added benefit of a less-than-passive leading heroine! Fans of Ms. Wolf’s works will be delighted to discover yet another gem in her collection!

Sarah E Bradley