His Remarkable Bride (The Brides of Paradise Ranch #6 Spicy Version)


Athos Strong is in desperate need of a wife! His brood of eight children is more than he can handle since his wife's passing and when the town of Haskell's most prominent family seeks to rid Athos of his rambunctious and troublesome kids, he has no choice but to find one. After leaving her life of privilege in England, Elspeth Leonard becomes his mail order bride but when the town villains - the Bonnevilles - discover her noble heritage they begin to try to win her over. Athos is slowly discovering his love for her and his need to keep his family together in any way that he can. He may just be Elspeth's knight in shining armor after all.


Right from the beginning the reader is introduced to the antics of the Strong children and it is chaos and mischief from then on, with entertaining and colorful situations one after another. Mr. Bonneville plays an important part in this story yet is rather absent through most of story leaving his daughters to step in to his place. Elspeth and Athos make a great match and the romance and love that develops is both tantalizing and heartwarming with a sweet and sexy mix.  A predictable sort of story yet its familiarity is reassuring and gratifying with delightful characters that rather quickly attach to the heart.


Margaret Faria