His Innocent Bride


Good-looking saloonkeeper Sam Standish is waiting at the train depot for his mail order bride.  Everyone around him is married, and although Sam doesn't consider himself the "settle down" type sending away for bride seemed like a good idea at the time. Once his intended arrives, he expects his active life will become as stale as a hot summer night.  Julia Frost is out to change her family's uncommonly bad luck — and what better way than to go West as a mail-order bride.  The chaos that hits Sam’s neat and ordered world sets him on his ear and has him falling madly in love.

This western historical is full of tornado-worthy writing in its jumbled-up, lovable heroine, Julia Frost.  The author does an amazing job making her character strong enough to go up against Sam, and soften his character into a well-rounded one.  The charm of the old west is not lost in this novel, nor are the bonds of friendship and true love that blooms when one least expects it.  "His Innocent Bride" has steamy scenes, although the author often offers a less steamy version of her stories, as well.  The novel is true to the ideals and customs of the times, and readers will be transported to Sam's small frontier town.  The townsfolk add great characterizations throughout the novel and this is truly a gem of a read!

Laura Dinsdale