His Haven (The Redemption Series, Book 1)

Harper A.

Haven is in a lot of trouble. She is being held by Lord Henri, a crazy old vampire, who is convinced that she is in fact the love of his life reincarnated. She can’t even run away – not only is her father’s life in balance, but the one time she tried she was promptly returned to his henchman, Avrum Brenin. She simply cannot see how a man who seems to care about her could be loyal to that monster!

Avrum will be forever grateful to Lord Henri for saving him from the fire that killed his family. He thinks nothing of the way Haven seems to be afraid of him. Until he finally starts to doubt, something that could prove deadly. But leaving his Haven to suffer is not something he can do. 

Now here are some Vampires in a wonderfully gothic setting! Avrum makes for an unusual sort of hero – he is barely immortal, naïve and mostly unaware of what being a vampire really entails. He is also willing to fight for what he believes in (always a plus!) Haven is brave, and not breaking under the stress of the situation she finds herself in is something to admire. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to work together and there was no time for a reader to come to terms with their relationship. They fell in love very quickly and then spent the remainder of the story figuring how to get away.  Also, the world itself is poorly developed – more details about vampires and their society would have worked wonders. All in all, a story with promising setting and an intriguing hero, that, with a little better development would undoubtedly have made five stars!

Ana Smith