His Dangerous Bride (The Brides of Paradise Ranch - Spicy Version Book 2)


Luke Chance has ambition.  He wants to be more than a ranch hand, but first he must prove that he is responsible and trustworthy.  It doesn’t help that he keeps getting into brawls at the town’s bar and brothel.  Nope, the only thing he can do to show that he’s grown out of his wild ways is to get married. As there aren’t many women in his small western town, he sends away for a mail-order bride.

Eden Gardner wants to leave the troubles of her past behind.  Resourceful and intelligent, she grabs the opportunity to marry Luke sight unseen.  She is confident that she can be an asset to a good man if given the chance, and Luke is the best chance she’s seen.

This is a really fun book, filled with bigger-than-life characters.  Its Old West story line is as entertaining as old B-Western movies.  Unlike the old Westerns of the 1950’s, though, the romance is hot and spicy, which adds an additional thrill for the right reader.  This book’s strengths are also a part of its downfalls.  The characters, including Eden and Luke, are like songs with only four notes, however and may become tedious, formulaic and predictable. Still, it is saved by Farmer’s witty prose.  “His Dangerous Bride” is entertaining and smooth enough that fans of Western Romance should give it a read.  It’s well worth it!

Gwenellen Tarbet