His Bewildering Bride (The Brides of Paradise Ranch - Spicy Version #3)


Wendy Weatherford travels all the way to Wyoming after being chosen as a bride for Cody Montrose. However, when Cody sees her, his prejudice gets the better of him and breaks the marriage arrangement. His brother Travis steps in and a deeper attraction develops between him and Wendy. Not all is a bed of roses, though - especially when people who refuse to accept interracial marriages strive to destroy the love and happiness Wendy and Travis have for each other.


“His Bewildering Bride” is another novel by Ms. Merry Farmer and is part of The Brides of Paradise Ranch series. Ms. Farmer has hit on a formula of writing stories depicting the strength of love crossing the boundaries of race in a time when prejudice was rife. She was also able to introduce a novel situation as a subplot to the love story, which was the competition between Wendy Weatherford and one of the antagonists, Melinda Bonneville, showing that the color of one’s skin does not define a person’s skills and talents. The setting of Haskville, Wyoming does not detract the reader from the story and compliments the people that inhabit this world. As the story develops so do the characters. Travis is depicted as a man of character and conviction who would protect those he loved; however he seems to be weak especially when standing up to his future employer and it was difficult to reconcile the man with the characteristics attributed to him.  All in all though, a tremendously engaging read!


MP Ceja