The Highlander’s Crusader Bride (The Hardy Heroines Series Book 3)

Cathy MacRae,
DD MacRae

Arbela Maclean is half-Armenian and half-Scottish. She was born in the Holy Land and is a well-trained warrior. Now, her father is requested back in Scotland to take over as Laird of the Maclean clan. When they arrive in Scotland, Arbela is not used to the weather, land or culture. However, she has more things to worry about when she discovers her father intends to see her married. If Arbela marries, she worries that she will be tamed. Caelen MacKern is laird but needs help defending his clan. He enlists the help of Laird Maclean, who agrees to help Caelen as long he weds Arbela. Caelen has no intention of taking a bride, but he needs her dowry and family alliance.  They wed and discover that there is more between them than just attraction.

Be prepared for an epic adventure! The characters are well-developed and strong. Arbela and Caelen’s chemistry is off the charts! It does take them a while to get over their prejudices against each other.  They both come from different worlds and have to really work on accepting each other. The most heart-warming aspect is the motherly love that develops between Arbela and Caelen’s son, Bram. Throughout the novel, Arbela tells him stories to help him sleep. Although a couple of those stories are a bit tedious and slow down the pace of the novel, the author makes up for it with terrific, historical detail! Over all, this historical adventure is filled with intense battles and passionate love that romance readers will adore!

Amanda Hupe