Highland Song (Highland Brides #5)

Tanya Anne

Gavin MacBrodie is the only unmarried member of his family and has had it with trying to live amidst all the love.  Having vowed that he would never become the uncaring lothario his father was, Gavin is faced with going mad or moving out.  Even that backfires, however, as he looks up one day while building to find a beautiful woman standing before him, painted blue from head to toe... naked!  

Catriona is being hunted and must hide.  Discovering a half-built cottage away from prying eyes, she decides to take a risk and trade hard work for a roof under which to sleep.  She didn’t plan on the builder being so handsome or so kind, however.  How will she ever convince him to let her stay when even explaining her lack of clothing puts them in danger?


This sweet novella starts with a drool-worthy Highlander, adds a unique twist to the damsel in distress and finishes with a love story to devour!  It is both delightfully unique and surprisingly believable.  The drawbacks are not in the fine writing but in the brevity and challenges of delivering a satisfying read in such a short amount of time.  In this case, depth had to be sacrificed, leaving the reader frustrated and wishing for more.  There are also a passel of delicious characters that have obviously had their stories told but if one has not read those stories, they will be at a loss to truly understand and enjoy the richness behind them.   For those who have read the rest of Ms. Crosby’s Highland series, however, this will be a joy to experience!


TJ Mackay