Highland Shadows (Beautiful Darkness Series Book 1)


PARANORMAL:  Darkness has descended on Clan MacKenzie. To provide for their survival, Alexander MacKenzie travels to the neighboring Ross clan’s hold to make allies.  Little did he know that just as his clan was marked by the tragedy that took place during his childhood, so was his neighbors' family also changed forever.  

Since the period of darkness, Cora Ross has been known by all as the Mad Maid of Clan Ross.  After surviving a viscous attack as a child Cora holds secrets that her father would keep hidden…until Alexander arrives.  Recognizing Alexander as a gifted man, Laird William Ross decides the safest place for his remaining daughter is as Alexander’s bride.  

This distinctive book involving vampires and wolves lays the framework for future installments.  In the beginning of the story dark events may appear to overshadow the overall tone, while character development may stymie readers by appearing to have little movement.  However, the pacing greatly improves after Cora and Alex meet and the rhythm of the story kicks into climatic high gear, then finishes with a resounding happily-ever-after!  While detailing the fantasy world for this installment, the author has incorporated a greater message of the acceptance of imperfection and incorporates an excellent plot twist that will keep readers guessing until the very end.

Roberta Gordon