Highland Quest

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Young Bryce Frasier determined to help Scotland crown its rightful king from the moment he witnessed the atrocities the English committed against his family and loved ones.  Now an accomplished warrior, it is time for Bryce to make a name for himself outside the large shadows his older brothers cast.  That is why he can never allow himself to act on the feelings he has for Fallon, the beautiful but headstrong young woman that tempts his every thought.
Fallon, however, has other ideas and refuses to allow him to forget her.  As a healer, she has saved his life. As a woman she insists on helping the cause and throwing herself in mortal danger repeatedly to help him.  Making her understand he will never be hers is becoming increasingly impossible when his heart is telling him to stay.
As historical Highland romance goes, this story delivers the desires!  Two headstrong, yet damaged lovers set against the horrible backdrop of a brutal war for independence always captures the attention and stops the heart.  The historical aspects are written deftly, educating without lecturing the reader as the plot unfolds.  The few problems are with the characters. They read like 21st century people while living in the 14th century world.  Their attitudes and decisions are often anachronistic and throw the reader out of the story.  For example, Fallon’s loss of virginity is viewed as almost commonplace as Bryce states she will still have no problem finding a husband.  Really? In 1300???  Fallon is also written as independent and headstrong, although her actions are that of a clingy doormat throughout the book. Yet, even with these noticeable glitches, the story is still engrossing, and keeps one’s attention riveted with each twist and turn!
Ruth Lynn Ritter