Highland Jewel (The House of Pendray Book 3)


Jewel Pendray dreams of marrying for love, not by arrangement. However, she is reaching “that age” and time is running out. Jewel convinces her brother to accompany her on a trip to Edinburgh on a husband hunt. A group of aging Highlanders escorts them. 

Garnet Barclay escaped from prison in the Netherlands and made it home to Scotland. He hardly knows his rescuer, and as time goes on, he trusts him less and less. It is love at first sight when he sets his eyes on Jewel—they both know it. With their families tangled up in the political and religious wars of the time, their love, as well as their lives, is in peril.

Who can resist a romp through the Scottish Highlands with a hunky man in a kilt? Set in tumultuous, late 17th century Scotland, the conflict keeping the lovers apart is intense. Unfortunately, there is little beyond this to set the book apart. Many elements are tired and overused, such as Jewel disguising herself as a boy on their travels for her safety. The author also resorts to revealing backstory through the, “Well, as you know, Jewel . . .” which is forced. The story is slow to start, with heavy emphasis on the history and not enough on the love story. The “love at first sight” trope, however, is very well done. Once the romance begins, there is sizzling chemistry between Garnet and Jewel underscored with believable emotion. With plenty of intrigue, action, and danger, this adventure will keep fans of steamy historical romance turning pages!

FS Brown