The Highland Henchman (Highland Force #2)


Enya Ross, the adventuress daughter of a lowlander noble, hates the restraints placed upon her by her birth. When her father hosts a tournament for lowlanders and highlanders, Bran MacLeod, henchman for Laird Callum MacLeod, catches her eye and her heart. With no complaisance for the breach between nobility and commoner or lowlander and highlander, Enya pursues her hearts desire. Bran, knowing he does not have the right to claim Enya as his, tries to fight the chemistry that pulls them together. However, neither right nor might can keep them apart.


This well-written Scottish historical romance is full of breathtaking romance, intrigue, betrayal, twists and turns, and smoldering passion. Although this is the second book in Highland Force Series, it stands on its own. The story line moves smoothly and its fast-paced action keeps the reader engrossed. Bran and Enyas characters are engaging and possess all the qualities that make them endearing strong, fiercely loyal, honorable to a fault, and irrevocably in love with each other. The reader totally gets enmeshed in the story from the very first page and has trouble putting it down until its finality. 


Although the ending seems somewhat forced and rushed, leaving the question of Enyas familys retaliation a mystery, the reader still walks away with a huge sigh and a smile. Any lover of Scottish historical romance will want to add this captivating novel to their collection to be reread many times!  


Janna Shay