Highland Faith (The Wild Thistle Trilogy Book 2)


Deterred by a vow made on her father’s deathbed, Lady Faith MacAlister is unable to follow her dream of seeing the world. However, her skill with a bow and arrow helps her find purpose, as she supplies food for her clan. Faith’s life turns upside down when she is kidnapped by Graeme Ross. He is convinced that Faith’s ransom is the solution to reclaiming his family’s lands, confiscated by the Crown, and also a means to regaining his father’s belief in him. Complications arise when the smoldering attraction between Graeme and Faith threaten to erupt and muddle Graeme’s plans for redemption.

This enemy-to-lovers historical romance, set in the Scottish Highland in the early 1700s, is the second edition in “The Wild Thistle Trilogy”. It stands alone, and transports the reader to the rugged Highlands, beguiling them with a story that has the pages turning rapidly. Even though the plot is predictable and the ending is rushed the storyline is rich with a cast of engaging secondary characters and contains action, adventure, and twists, which captivate and deliver a tale that is both entertaining and enthralling. The love scenes are sensual and passionate, leaping off the pages. The plot flows unfettered and steady, delighting the senses and leaving one sighing with pure pleasure when all is said and done. 

Janna Shay