Highland Betrayal


Hannah Kincaid loves her country and her uncle. This is why she has accepted the dangerous task of securing the Scottish Crown Jewels and hiding them before the English army’s siege of the castle succeeds and everything is lost.  Posing as an army camp follower, however, comes with other perilous dangers - one of which she may not be able to resist.


Captain Morgan Pendray is a Welshman fighting an English war.  It is his only way of acquiring the money and security he needs and he is very good at what he does.  That is, until he sees a beautiful peasant girl carrying a heavy load away from the battle.  His attraction to the girl puts him in an inexplicable position, requiring him to question all he thought true of right and wrong.  Is there any way a Scottish spy and an English officer can ever make love work?


Ms. Markland has a dynamic way of bringing history to life, helping readers learn and understand while immersing them in her stories.  In this instance it is with two highly unlikely lovers amidst the fight for Scotland's crown jewels.  Unfortunately the entire premise of the highborn virgin niece of an Earl living the undercover life of a camp follower as a laundress and whore just can’t overcome the believability aspect of history.  Nor does the over-obsession with sex from the moment their eyes meet - they are total strangers!  Once the two are finally betrothed, though, things even out and the story culminates in a very enjoyable and exciting finish!


Ruth Lynn Ritter