The Herald's Heart


Sir Talon Quereste is the King's Royal Herald. He's been sent to his father's estate by the King, carrying a missive for the Earl of Hawksedge, and for Talon it's a bittersweet homecoming. When he was six years old he was thrown out of his home after his mother's death by the man he believed was his father, with the word "bastard" forever etched in his memory


Lady Larkin Rosham has lost everything and everyone she's held dear, even her identity. Known to everyone as "Liar Larkin", no one believes her to be a lady - not even the handsome Talon. There's a threat to Larkin's life that needs to be dealt with before they proceed with what they both desire.


There's a forbidden attraction between Larkin and Talon and a plot to have her murdered that will definitely keep one turning the page. Talon is a bully with trust issues. Larkin is a spitfire who knows how to keep her ground, never losing sight of her mission to prove her identity. Although Talon's mistrust of Larkin and his own self-examination dragged on, the mystery of the Earl's death and the sizzling romance between Larkin and Talon will leave one cheering for Larkin and wanting to punch Talon for his bullheaded attitude. Overall, the story moves along nicely as Larkin and Talon travel the rocky path to true love created by author Rue Allyn.  The outcome is truly satisfying, where the hero redeems himself and wins the love of his lady.


Maria Rose Dariotis