Her Prairie Knight

Bower (Jennifer Quinlan, Editor)
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When Miss Beatrice Lansell arrives at her brother's ranch for a holiday, she is swept away by the majesty of Montana and the promise of a future far away from the strictures of East Coast society.  Accompanied by her mother, assorted relatives and a peer of the realm from England, Trix has spent the trip dodging her mother's endless attempts to match her with Sir Redmond.  The handsome cowboy she meets on the ranch certainly adds to Montana's appeal, although Keith Cameron seems immune to her charms.  On the contrary, the hard-working rancher has little time for Trix's flirtatious ways.  

Over the course of that unforgettable summer, Trix discovers that cowboys don't play parlour games,  love worth having is worth fighting for, and that sometimes pesky brothers really DO know what's best for you.

This book is simply marvelous!  Written by Ms. Bower in 1906, the writing is crisp, entertaining,  and at times surprisingly sly.  Things really haven't changed much in the way romances are written!  A nod to the age of the piece is that one must pay close attention to the opening chapters in order to properly meet all the characters, and the active narrator voice takes some getting used to. The sassy dialogue and beautifully drawn characters written with charm and wit will sweep readers back to the turn of the century.  This delightful book is a treat to read and highly recommended!
Tammy Grant