Her Midnight Sin (Shadows and Silks Book 3)


Callie is the Dowager Viscountess St. Alban and runs an estate called Wyldcombe Grange. Her late-husband made her insecure, so she put all her effort into managing the estate. When the new Viscount St. Alban decides he wants to sell the Grange to his friend, Callie is determined to buy it. She makes a deal with pirates to ensure she will have the money. However, Viscount St. Alban’s friend, Captain Nylander arrives at the estate. He can’t help but admire Callie’s spirit and determination, but he knows of her deal and decides to hang around to ensure her safety. Callie wants nothing to do with Nylander...but at the same time she wants him. They can’t seem to ignore their chemistry, will it all come crashing down when one of them loses the Grange?

This historical fiction sizzles! Even though this book takes place in a time when women are not viewed as men’s equals, it is refreshing to see unique characters who push the boundaries of the time period. Callie is not a normal woman. She runs a business, wears trousers, and has no time to deal with tedious customs expected of her. Captain Nylander will make readers swoon because of the respect and support he has for Callie which develops into a burning passion. Not only is their relationship spicy, but they also have a sense of humor which adds a lightness to the story. There is also a bit of suspense woven into this romantic plot which really rounds out the story.  Readers will be rooting for the characters all the way to the very end!

Amanda Hupe