Her Country Gentleman (Timeless Georgian Collection Book 1)

Sian Ann Bessey, Sarah M. Eden
and Rebecca Connolly

ANTHOLOGY: In “Her Country Gentleman” by Sian Ann Bessey, Miss Charlotte Densley is invited by Lady Cheston to go to Norfolk and Tribbley Hall. Upon arriving in Norfolk, Charlotte meets a sheepherder, who fascinates her. The sheepherder is Lord Cheston, William Falker. In “Love of My Heart” by Sarah Eden, a reversal of fortune drives Cordelia Wakefield and her family to Teviotbrae, Scotland. Sebastian Coburn, a farmer, is also the grandson of the current Laird. Cordelia becomes friends with Sebastian, who her family will not approve of. In “Miss Smith Goes to Wiltshire” by Rebecca Connolly, Miss Martha Smith has been exiled to Wiltshire because she avoids the marriage mart. Benjamin “Benj” Steele, Earl of Hillier, plans to make Pontcaster Estate great again. When Benj meets Martha, he can never show Martha his home.

These three historical novellas of finding romance in the country are just delightful! Two of the stories are about the beauteous, majestic English landscape and the middle story is about glorious Scotland. Each of the stories is fairly quick and easy to read. There are some cute animals involved, which helps keep things interesting and heightens the plot. Sadly, the tales are quite short, so there is very little character development and not enough descriptions of the surroundings. The Scottish story really could be a full-length novel, especially since there are many unanswered questions regarding whether or not both families approve of the couple and their marriage. The two English stories are very similar to each other. Despite having different authors, there isn’t all that much change in the tales except for having contrasting characters. The anthology has three authors that manage to entice readers to some wonderfully clean romantic stories!

Roslynn Ernst