Her Christmas Wish

St. Clair

Emily Nicholls wants nothing more than a family. It has been something she has wished for years but it has never happened. When she finds herself widowed, she decides to become a governess, but there is something missing. Lord Charles Blythe must marry and have an heir to prevent his inheritance going to his cousin. Since his wife passed away, Charles has had no desire to socialize with the ladies at court. When he is forced to lie to his cousin that he is to be married, he sees Emily and asks her to take part in the deception. What neither of them expects is becoming increasingly attracted to one another and unable to fight the need for long. Emily however is concerned because she cannot give Charles the one thing he wants, children. Will their Christmas wishes come true?

"Her Christmas Wish" is a cute Christmas story with two characters that have been through a lot and deserve some happiness. Ellie St. Clair has pulled out some good characters for this one and it is definitely a read for a cold winter's night in front of the fire. Some descriptive issues and points took away from the accuracy. The plot moves at a brisk pace and there is always the lingering question of whether or not the two characters will get together. A definite "add" to the e-reader! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick