Hemlock and Honey: Highlander Romance



A mysterious illness is sweeping the land, and Gus, Laird of Caithness Castle, is desperate to save his people. His only hope is to kidnap Sybilla, an English woman with reputed mystical powers strong enough to stop the illness in its tracks.  The only problem? Sybilla is promised to a man of the Border Reiver Clan, and they are unlikely to give up the beautiful young bride without a fight.  Sybilla is unaware of the conflict heading her way.  Betrothed to a man she does not care for, she is only conscious of her duty and is trying to make the best of a bad situation; that is, until Gus sweeps her away and she finds herself strongly attracted to her kidnapper.

“Hemlock and Honey” is an enthusiastic story of love and adventure in 13th century Scotland.  Overall, it is fairly well written. However, the author sometimes loses sight of her time period, and uses modern English in her dialogue. In one passionate scene, Gus says to Sybilla, “Baby, you are perfect”, which serves to spoil the scene the author is trying to create. Author Elizabeth Preston breaks no new ground here — the plot line is formulaic and the story arc predictable. While “Hemlock and Honey” is more like a sweet confection than a meal, readers will find that it satisfies in its own way and is worth a read.

Gwenellen Tarbet