Hearts Aflame

Nancy Morse, Anna Markland,
Jill Hughey, Catherine Kean

ANTHOLOGY:  “Hearts Aflame” is a compilation by four accomplished authors, each of whom brings something unique to the set. The books are centered on a bloodstone that is engraved with the passage, "Whoever inherits the stone will be consumed by fire". Jilly Hughey begins the compilation with “Rowan’s Legacy” set in Paris, 861 AD. “Passion’s Fire” by Anna Markland is second in the book and is set in England, 1175 AD. “A Legendary Love” by Catherine Kean is up next and her story is set in Northern England, 1204 AD. “Love Remembers” by Nancy Morse is the final book and is set in Africa, 1922.

All four authors have interesting writing styles. They each have their separate stories with distinctive characters and exciting settings, but they are all able to integrate a single theme that readers will look forward to. Readers will want to find out where the elusive stone will turn up in the next story. Although the authors are talented, readers may find themselves bogged down with numerous descriptions and find that some of the characters are just not believable. Most will probably overlook these slight flaws and will enthusiastically enjoy the stories the way they are. Readers of historical romances will appreciate these books and are likely to search out these authors to see what else they have written. 

Mary-Nancy Smith