Heart of the Ocean

Heather B

Eliza Robinson has been sent to live with her Aunt Mavue - at least until the gossip over her refusing one Mr. Thomas Bertram Beesley III and his marriage proposal dies down. Though life is simple and filled with Puritan judgments in Maybrook, Maine, it certainly isn't boring. There is a problem, however.  Eliza keeps hearing a strange voice!  That  voice is not her own and  when her Aunt Mavue is suddenly murdered, the voice’s manner changes substantially.  A dark stranger's rescue doesn't save Eliza from being jailed nor does it stop the gossip of the small community. Generous neighbors agree to take Eliza in for a short time, but there are strings attached....

Heather Moore diverges distinctly from her previous historical novels with this journey from New York to Maybrook and then on to England. The love triangle grows as the players enter, making the mystery and suspense even more engaging. She proves that a typical ghost story is never typical and that ghosts have reasons for their haunting, some good and some not so much.  Although Ms. Moore tends to neglect the occasional preposition that can throw the reader out of her story, as a whole, the novel is not only unique but involving. One can hear the crash of the waves and if very still, the haunting words of a thwarted ghost!


Erin Murdock