The Heart of Love (The Book of Love 9)


Heather Farthingale is set to marry a marquis within the week, so what is Captain Robert MacLauren doing falling at her feet? When the Book of Love was passed to Heather, she had no wish to read its contents. But now there is no escaping it. She and Robbie are meant to read it together, yet all it does is sew confusion for Heather. Robbie knew the first time he set eyes on Heather that she was the one, but he's willing to step aside if marrying the marquis is what she wants. The closer to the wedding date it gets, the more Heather knows she's making a mistake. As a soldier, Robbie knows to fight until the end. With some judicious planning and some helpful allies, Robbie enacts his plan. Will it save Heather in time before she walks down the aisle to wed the wrong man?

"The Heart of Love" adds a refreshing twist to the age-old tale of being engaged to the wrong man! From page one, the reader is immediately drawn into the story by the powerful emotional connection between Robbie and Heather. Robbie is a hero to fall in love with, from his Scottish brogue to his quick wit, to his devotion to Heather. Heather is a young woman balancing the desires of her parents, a childhood dream, and the reality of true love. Rather than descend into a love triangle, the author offers an entertaining take on Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream". "The Heart of Love" is a rollercoaster ride of laughter, love and hope that adds another outstanding entry in the Book of Love series!

Tricia Hill