Heart of the Highlands: The Beast Protectors of the Crown Series: Book One


During a period of civil unrest Ian MacKay is charged with tracking down traitors for King James V of Scotland.  While tracking one such villain, Ian overtakes a carriage he was sure would lead to the man’s arrest, only to find a lass.


Keira Sinclair lived a sheltered life until her father arranged for her marriage to another Highlander.  She didn’t know that her fiancé was a hunted man.  When Ian pulls her from the carriage on her way to her wedding, little did she realize he also pulled her from the clutches of a madman.  Can Ian protect her and carry out his secret mission for the Crown?  

“Heart of the Highlands” is a dashing glimpse into lives of honorable Highlanders during the middle ages.  This lightly suspenseful tale presents Ian MacKay as a hard working clansman who is plagued by his commitments to his heritage while performing a service to the crown.  Keira Sinclair is a naïve young woman who does not know the ways of the world but the reader would be led to believe that she was adept in running her father’s castle, which may cause readers pause in the believability of this character.    While this is a stand-alone, first installment of this series, there are unanswered questions which no doubt will be answered in future installments.  “Heart of the Highlands” is a refreshingly quick read for long weekend!

Roberta Gordon