Hawthorne’s Wife (London Libertines Book 2)


Frederica is the free-spirited daughter of a merchant. She lives for nature and is skilled in painting the very landscapes that inspire her. She has always been entranced by the Earl’s son, Hawthorne. She is tricked by some cruel boys and severely traumatized. Not only is she a merchant’s daughter and considered mad since she suffers from PTSD, she soon discovers a dark family secret. Hawthorne has always been fascinated by his “little changeling” known as Frederica, but now he has vowed to protect her. He is also determined to administer justice throughout the area as he becomes the local magistrate. However, vicious rumors and cruel men are determined to see Frederica and Hawthorne harmed. To avoid the scandal and threats to Hawthorne’s career, Frederica must do the hardest thing imaginable... 

Grab those tissues, this story packs so much raw emotion! The majority of the story is actually quite sad. The main character, Frederica, is put through so much trauma time and again yet always rises above it, which makes her such an admirable character! She really connects with the reader and is truly inspiring. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Hawthorne. Yes, he preaches justice, and everyone mentions his kindness, but throughout most of the story, he treats Frederica with too much disrespect. It made him completely unlikable and unredeemable. However, reading about the trauma and bullying that Frederica endures, shines a light on the terror of PTSD. This is something that is always appreciated and relatable for many readers. This story will have readers yearning for justice and happiness for Frederica!

Amanda Hupe