The Guardian (Of Might & Manners Highland Heroes Book 1)


Graham MacCoinnich dreads going to court when he receives a summons. His family past and reputation is not exactly the best and he wonders if trouble is on the horizon. He is pleasantly surprised when he is charged with escorting the King's goddaughter through Scotland. She wishes to write a book and needs a guide to assist her; however, that is not the true reason for the journey. Graham is happy to escort the beautiful Mercy. As they travel, their attraction for one another grows and they find themselves wanting more of one another. Will Mercy go against her orders and tell Graham the truth? 

This is a truly sweet book with an interesting storyline and a very headstrong female character. Mercy has her own mind but finds herself in a precarious situation. Graham is a strong highlander male in every sense of the word and both are a joy to read. There is tension, a fast moving plot and varied secondary characters that readers will love to hate. This is a fantastic highland romance and one that has the question of whether or not the characters will get together, but also the tension of whether or not they will survive their journey. Prepare to be pulled in from the first page and not released until the end in this fantastic start to what is sure to be an awesome series. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick