The Gossamer Trail


MYSTERY:  What does a single woman do when some strange man comes barging into her house without knocking? Hitting them on the head with a skillet might not be the best choice, but it is the only one that Beth Jago felt she had. When the mysterious man wakes up, he no longer has any memory of who he is or where he is from. Falling in love with the mystery man was never in Beths plan, but helping him regain his memory almost costs Beth her life. There is only one thing she has left of her grandfather - his little cottage. He made a home for Beth and she cherishes it more than anything else, including Joss.


Beth and Joss may seem mismatched to some but B.D. Hawkey does a wonderful job of building characters so that they have depth and allow the reader to empathize with them. As an artist of words, Ms. Hawkey paints a picture that is easily seen in the minds eye and she creates a world that makes a reader never want to leave. The word imagery is so well constructed that it makes the reader want to stand at the wishing tree and tie a few ribbons on it, just to see if they might come true. Compromise is usually what makes a relationship last, but the reader will be compromising their time in order to finish this wonderful four and half star story!


Mary-Nancy Smith