The God’s Eye (Lancaster’s Luck Book 3)


STEAMPUNK/LGBTQIA:  Rafe Lancaster has responsibilities. Responsibilities that he would rather ignore. His father is sick and does not have much time left. Rafe is the heir to House Stravaigor and this requires him to produce an heir of his own, which means he must marry. However, Rafe is already in love with Ned Winters. Their relationship has to be kept secret, but they are devoted to each other. Now, Ned is off to Aegypt for an archeological dig. Not just any archeological dig. One that involves a mechanism that has links to the God Thoth. When Ned doesn’t return from his trip, Rafe knows something has happened and must go save him. The rescue won’t be easy, and if he goes, he will have to leave his father. 

This novel is steampunk genre meets “The Mummy”.  One of the most fascinating aspects of this story, is the world-building. Alliances and producing heirs are important in this world because houses betray each other constantly. The issue is that the world takes some time to get used to since it is the third book in the series. It would be beneficial to read the first books in the series to get a better understanding. There are also many scenes that drone on and feel unnecessary and slow the pace of the story. Ned and Rafe’s relationship, on the other hand, is heartwarming and passionate. There is no doubt of their love for each other and their willingness to do anything for each other. The fascinating characters, amazing world-building and the added mythology make this a perfect read for those who love steampunk and science fiction. 

Amanda Hupe