Gisborne: Book of Pawns


During the turbulent times in medieval England, known to many as the Crusades and the Robin Hood era, an unconventional love story begins.  Guy of Gisborne escorts the Lady Ysabel from Aquitaine to her childhood home of Moncrieff after the death of her mother. As the Lady has been abroad for many years she is unaware of the danger and deception that await her back in England.  During a long and perilous journey, she discovers her inner strength and a love begins to blossom for the ever elusive Guy, a man with a multitude of secrets. However, all is not what it seems. Upon reaching her home, she discovers a weakened father and Benedict De Courcey, a rogue of the first quality, who has taken possession of Moncrieff and will have her as a wife at any cost.

Ms. Batten had created a spellbinding story! It leads the reader from one adventurous event to the next with a tremendous amount of anticipation and emotion.  There is an honest approach which exposes the innocence of a young noble woman and her vulnerability in a man's dominated world.  The favor of the king is a catalyst for most men trying to secure their uncertain futures of wealth and power.  Capturing events as they could have happened and an unexpected love story that develops between two strong characters are always an added and appealing treat in a historical.

Magaret Faria