Get Your Duke On (Anthology)

Kathryn LeVeque, Chasity Bowlin, Alexa Aston, Maggi Anderson, Meara Platt, Mary Lancaster,
Caroline Lee, Elizabeth Johns, Cerise Deland, Bianca Blythe, Nadine Millard, Amy Jarecki, Sofie Darling, Merry Farmer
‘Get Your Duke On’ is a collection of fourteen short story/novella length Regency eraromances filled with more dukes than any one Ton can handle. Each story takes a differenttwist on marrying off a Duke, either by choice, convenience, or circumstance. The settings move from ballroom, to countryside, and even a gambling den. This anthology is definitely a smorgasbord of tropes. These fourteen authors share the spotlight quite well together, each bringing something different to the table.
The stories in this anthology vary in both style and quality. Overall, they are exactly what a fan of the era expects in a Regency romance. Plots varied from the usual reluctant duke who really doesn’t want to marry, to the friends-to-lovers trope, to the obviously unsuitable match, with a good number of new plot ideas thrown in for variety. The authors tackled a few sensitive subjects such as abusive family relationships, age-gaps, and situations of impropriety in the strict Regency fashion. And, as varied as the stories are, so is the level of intimacy; some stories are definitely steamier than others. For those readers who enjoy a large cast, there are some very likeable supporting characters as well. There are, admittedly, a few surprises thrown in for good measure. The most intriguing twist though was the reference to modern day songs in the titles and plots of the individual stories. This unique approach gives each of these stories a certain comedic charm. The quality of the writing varied by author, with one or two lacking in substantial plot. Yet, all stories provide an entertaining and well-informed look at the era. If you’re a fan of Regency  romance, with a twist of comedy, you’ll enjoy this collection. Given the sheer size of the anthology, it will have you reading for a while
N.E. Kelley