The Gates of Nottingham

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After spending three years in a war fighting to earn  riches so he can win his lady’s love, Robin of Locksey finally returns home. Unfortunately, things are not what he expected. His soul mate, Marion is married to another man. His people are suffering under the harsh rule of  Sir Guy of Gisbourne and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Something must be done to stop the cruelty. It seems like Robin is the man for the job.

Fair Marion is stunned when she sees her love again. After three years, she had lost all hope of ever seeing him.  Now it’s too late. She can’t leave her husband and let her people suffer because of her actions, but staying is becoming hard too, with Robin near, along with his promises of love, and hope for a better life.

This is an interesting retelling of the famous story. The characters are well drawn and so real, all of their emotions and actions ring true. Robin’s bravery, his quick temper, the love he feels for Marion. Little Jon, the big bear of a man, loyal to a fault, with his own quirks. Fair lady Marion, who yearns for that wonderful boy she used to know, Curiously enough, even with all his cruelty, it’s impossible not to feel empathy for Sir Guy!  Unfortunately, the story tended to drag at times. Still, the book proved to be hard to put down, and the wonderful  characters  made up for any shortcomings.  To a reader more familiar with the original story, it might seem somewhat redundant, but to those whose only reference was a Disney cartoon,  this story is spellbinding!

Ana Smith