Garbed in Purple (Colors of Scandal Book 9)


Lady Theodosia Cavendish has learned a dirty secret about her father and some other men of the ton. They are deeply embedded in the slave trade in the Americas. Finding this abhorrent, she makes it her life’s mission to fight this injustice—but there is only so much a woman can do in the year 1818. By chance, she meets Samuel Johansen, a gentleman of mixed birth, originally from Jamaica. As sparks fly between them, they must make decisions about their future—a match of which Theodosia’s father will surely not approve. And Lord Thornhurst, her father’s associate, is a constant thorn in her side.

Sandra Sookoo’s “Garbed in Purple” excels at introducing unique and diverse characters into the ton. Unfortunately, many of said characters blend together and lack differentiation. Their dialogue is much the same from character to character. The romance itself feels a bit stagnant, coming a bit out of nowhere and never really having a chance to grow—just appearing. Additionally, the author often seems to use vocabulary for the sake of using vocabulary and it feels tedious to read.  However, the plot is exciting and different, leaving readers anxious to know what will happen next—it’s realistic and organic. She tackles the difficult issues of race and prejudice with a gentle hand. This regency romance with a plucky heroine and difficult social issues is a breath of fresh air.

Shailyn Rogers