Fortune and Felicity: A Pride and Prejudice Variation


Elizabeth is a widow, living with her sister, brother-in-law and their four, soon to be five, children. The house is overflowing, without any room for Elizabeth, so she elects to become a governess. Widower Fitzwilliam Darcy is searching for a governess for his headstrong daughter, Kathy. After interviewing eligible governesses, he ascertains none will do, and asks the agency to see their folder of unsuitable candidates. He sees the name of Mrs. Elizabeth Heriot, nee Bennet, the woman who seven years prior refused his marriage proposal. He immediately selects her as the governess. While watching Elizabeth with his daughter and her cousins, Darcy finds he is still in love. She too, finds herself falling for Darcy, although Elizabeth tells herself it can never be, because she is below him in station. Darcy vows to wed Elizabeth as soon as he can find the words to convince her.

“Fortune and Felicity: A Pride and Prejudice Variation” is a rollickingly fun, clean novel with a hero and heroine who are constantly at cross purposes. Ms. Fairview is a master at assigning voices to her characters so the reader can ascertain who is who, effortlessly. The majority of her characters have depth and endearing qualities. They are also far from perfect and make mistakes with embarrassing moments making them realistic and sympathetic. Darcy is not as well developed as the rest of the characters, he seems too stoic and stiff. Anyone who enjoys Jane Austin is sure to enjoy Ms. Fairview’s works.

Belinda Wilson