Forgotten Secrets (Secrets of the Heart #4)


In 1836 in England, Morag Douglas is visiting a secret garden with her father where her sister and cousins were mentored into being Followers of the Secret Heart, a secret group of strong women with special gifts. But Morag wasn’t mentored because Imanie suddenly died. She was supposed to mentor her too, but now she is gone and Morag feels left out. Imanie had given her a special brooch worn only by those chosen, but she decides to bury it at Imanie’s grave when Mazelina shows up and talks with her about her gift. Then her father calls her and they have to go home to Scotland. Morag tries to think of a way to get back to the garden to talk to Mezelina when an opportunity conveniently arrives in an invitation.

Readers will love this romantic story of Morag and her blossoming love for Sir Bedivere Hamilton of Gaunt who isn’t who he says he is. The twists and turns in this story will pull readers in quickly to the mystery and one won’t want to put it down. For every page turned there is a surprise that will lead to another romantic interlude for Morag and Sir Bedivere. What complicates things for readers is Sir Bedivere’s mysterious past and the reasons for all the secrecy. Sometimes readers are touched by his warm heart and chivalry but at other times he seems very insensitive and hard to reach. Morag seems to also be confused by him. So when the truth materializes readers will finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Jodi Martines