Forget Me Not (The Gents Book 1)

Sarah M.

Julia Cummings learned how to deal with loss at a young age. She has lost a lot of people, but it was when her best friend Lucas Jonquil left that she felt the ultimate betrayal. Eight years have passed since he left when Julia hears he has returned, but she has no intention of going near him. Lucas' choice to leave was based on the people he had lost. He vowed to make the most of his life and when he returns, he finds the friend he left has become a beautiful woman who wants nothing to do with him. When their parents announce that they have to wed immediately, Lucas must put everything he has into showing Julia that he loves her and win her heart. 

The plot of this book is one that may have been seen before, but the way Sarah M. Eden writes the characters brings it to an entirely new level. The characters are immediately likeable and ones that readers will become attached to and be eager to find out what happens with them. Despite him leaving Julia, Lucas is a very dashing man who starts falling in love with his best friend. Dialogue and descriptions are spot on for the time in which the book is set. Fans of the genre will love this book and lose themselves in the beautiful setting and romance! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick