Forever in Your Arms: DeWolfe Pack Connected World (Mists of Babylon Book 3)


Lady Phoebe Summerville has had enough of rogues. She climbs a tree to escape one, only to discover a more dangerous one when she climbs down! Graham Markham, Duke of Fairfax, is immediately attracted to the spirited young woman he meets and a taste from her lips makes him obsessed with discovering her identity. He never expects to discover her up in a tree again at his cousin's home. Lady Phoebe is determined to ignore the attraction between them, but lady luck has other plans. Her fear of storms leads her into Graham's arms and a compromising situation to which marriage is the only remedy. Unfortunately, the Duke wants Lady Phoebe to end the engagement. Well, Lady Phoebe intends to do her duty. Besides, she has fallen in love with the rogue. Now if only she can make him see that he loves her too!

"Forever in Your Arms" offers up passion and a love that will not be denied! The instant attraction will appeal to some readers, but the story lacks a fresh premise. Lady Phoebe is a likable character. That she first meets Graham when he's about to have a sexual encounter with one woman, only to fall into his arms minutes later is hard to understand. The sexual attraction between the two is strong and is essentially what carries the story along. The Duke insists he cannot marry due to his reputation, yet these are easily overcome by the story's end. Fans of the series will be happy to see Lady Phoebe find her heart’s desire. For a quick, easy read that entertains, "Forever in Your Arms" fits the bill! 

Tricia Hill