Fool For Love


AMERICAN:  Amelia Elphick’s life was over.  Despite rising above her Mother’s choice of occupation after her father’s disgrace and death left them penniless,  Amelia sealed her doom when she trusted the man she loved.  Now pregnant, she is left with nowhere to turn. Eric Quinlan is an American who has lived in London for a year.  He still cannot  comprehend how the elite treat their women.  Upon seeing his friend’s prompt dismissal of the sweet governess who made a mistake, Eric offers to take her with him to America to start a new life away from the judgments and ruin awaiting her. Amelia is awed at the kindness and determined to change her life.  That proves to be almost impossible, however,  when desire ignites and passion prevails.  Soon, a small lie to protect her turns into a tangled mess that not even love may be able to unravel.

Once again, Ms. Farmer has touched pen to paper and created magic!  Few today would not wonder at the harshness of English society and cheer for the young American who offers help.   Given the time period and social norms of the day, however, and the way both Amelia and Eric’s characters are presented, the rush in consummating their passion and casual acceptance of it after felt completely out of place.  It was as if contemporary morals were awkwardly embedded in historical society.  Unfortunately, because of this, the relationship (and thus, the story) never could achieve the believability it needed.  Sad, as everything else about the book was absolutely delightful. The writing is engaging, the characters fun and entertaining and the plot is one a reader can’t put down!  


Ruth Lynn Ritter