Fiery Red Hair, Emerald Green Eyes and a Vicious Irish Temper: The Absolutely True Story of the World's First Female Pirate

Ralph E.

In the 1700s women were seen as curses on ships, and a lady would never be caught mingling with pirates.  Anne Cormac, known as Anne Bonny, was a rare exception. In a series of talks with her granddaughter she slowly reveals the course of her life — one that took her from plantation to pirate ships, to prison and back. As the distinguished landowner of Goose Creek Plantation, and the quiet financier behind much of the culture and society of Charles Town Carolina, rumors have surrounded the now silver-haired lady. In the course of turning the large plantation over to her granddaughter the true story of the first female pirate comes forward with all the adventure, romance, and ups and downs of a true buccaneering tale. 

A sweeping tale of adventure, rebellion, independence, courage, and stubbornness, this book gives a fictionalized account of what might have really happened to the famous pirate. To the reader, the story is one that could easily be passed down in a family with an infamous ancestor, full of both pleasant memories and regrets. The steady pace, and smooth transitions are only marred by the occasional interjection of historical facts and background, or moments describing daily chores and habits between Anne’s story to her granddaughter that are not always necessary. Also, as a story focused on an independent woman, this is less of a romance and more adventure, so fans of pirate romances might wish to look elsewhere. However, fans of pirate adventures and drama will find this book full of interesting twists and turns, pirate lingo, and even a shock or two!

Sarah E Bradley