A Fair Trade


Being raised by his trapper father and uncles has taught Jack Briggs to make do with little more than a knife and flask. Now he searches for a place to call home, and refined beauty Penelope may be the person to help him, as he leads the Findleys to Oregon. Honor-bound by her marriage vows, Penelope initially snubs his advances.  However, after a river accident leaves her widowed, Jack offers her a way to remain independent. In exchange for the free acreage given to married settlers, Jack offers her payment and the protection of a temporary marriage. However, Jack wants more than marriage — he wants her. Will he be able to look beyond her disreputable past? Can Penelope give up the freedom he promised?

“A Fair Trade” is a heartwarming tale about learning to let go of the past to find a love worth fighting for. The story’s deceptively simplistic beginning hides the true gem that is this novel. With deep and complex characters as well as a straightforward but captivating plot, it is easy to become swept away by the story. While the author feels for Penelope, her inability to let go of her past becomes frustrating and tedious until the reader wants to shake some sense into her. Her stubbornness leads to unnecessary misunderstandings and wasted time. Jack is the ideal hero and proves to be up to the task. Though flawed, he is a tender and thoughtful partner whose love for the heroine is evident in everything he does.  In the end, “A Fair Trade” is a delightfully lovely read sure to steal the reader’s heart! 

Arec Rain