Sure, Sophie McCurdy knew about the curse before she donned the enchanted dress. She just never expected it to work. Now she is trapped in Grancourt Castle along with Fay, the original time traveler, who tells her that she has exactly one year to find her true love, break the spell, and save everyone in the castle. Easy enough, right?

Sir Leo Zane is home at last, after years spent fighting other men’s wars. Now all he wants is the peaceful farming life. Too bad he had to go and accidentally shoot one of the Grancourt Castle girls, the charming and vivacious Sophie. Sophie falls hard and fast for Sir Leo, but just when it looks like all will be well, the curse begins to change. Will their newfound passion be enough to break the spell, or are they all doomed to endlessly relive this same year?

Ms. Cayman’s novel is a breath of fresh air: fast and funny, with an adorable main character, a loveable leading man, and romantic tension as taunt as a drawn bowstring. Where the novel falls short is in the side characters: the reader doesn’t get to know them very well and thus the otherwise devastating side effects of the curse do not strike home the way they ought. Nevertheless, this is a fun, adventurous romp with an ending twist that will have the reader begging for the next book!

Janice Martin