Echoes Of Love

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Chesna Dubrow, daughter of the Amatian king's advisor, vows to always love Pietor Gabris, illegitimate son of Prince Milo, moments before he leaves for St. Petersburg. Chesna will wait years for Pietor's return but when he does, he is no longer the friend of her childhood but her enemy and an officer of Bonaparte's army and before long, her husband.

As a Dubrow, Chesna will protect her sovereign, even if it costs her her life. As a royal bastard, Pietor might be the one to dethrone the Young King Mikhail or possibly be an unwilling pawn in the hands of spies.

Ms. Brandon weaves a riveting tale of love and intrigue, leading her readers from the luxury of the Opal Palace to the dungeons.  Characters pit their wits against each other and the reader in this tale of dangerous romance. Not once does Ms. Brandon let her readers become bored with needless details. Every scene is important and the pacing of the story is riveting. The story’s tension is ideal, as only one character can possibly win, but can love groomed over years of childhood and youth overcome the plot to overthrow the rightful heir? 

Never tedious or slow paced, this story is masterfully written and exquisitely drawn. Ms. Brandon proves her mastery of the craft. With the villains getting their just rewards, while right prevails. Even the ending is surprising and satisfying!

Erin Murdock