Echoes of Abandon (Echos in Time #2)


TIME TRAVEL: It is the year 2019, and Michael Pendridge is suffering. He is a detective mourning the loss of his partner. He is approached about a case by a Mr. Green and receives a brooch that magically takes him back to England in the 18th century. He finds himself in the middle of a crowd and runs into the most beautiful pick-pocket he has ever seen. Lady Charlotte Whimsby is in league with some dangerous men with power. Her estranged father, who is also a judge, is tired of Charlotte’s antics and hires Michael to watch over her. Michael has never met anyone like Charlotte but is torn because he believes in upholding the law at all costs. But he isn’t from this time, so why was he brought here?

Those who are familiar with the Echoes in Time series will love the continuation of this time-travel love story. The beginning starts off strong with the mystery of the brooch, but that plot point is put on the backburner. If someone from 2019 found themselves in the 18th century, they would face more hardships than running into a beautiful pick-pocket. Michael doesn’t disguise his accent and constantly talks about the future. It feels so far farfetched that it strains believability. Then there is Charlotte. There is nothing to like about her. She is entitled and thinks way too highly of herself. The story's pace is pretty slow and there are moments when random characters show up with no explanation. If readers start from the beginning of this series the plot would probably make more sense and it could be a time-travel favorite.

Amanda Hupe