Earls Just Wanna Have Fun – That Wicked O’Shea Family, Book 4


Society takes an intelligent girl and hides her smarts away from the world, but Lady Shannon O'Shea wants to walk in the sun... or at least expand her brewery business. Lord Colin Crenshaw also wants to go against society's norms for idle earls. Now don't get it twisted, he still wants to have fun; just after the working day is done. When Colin arrives in Ireland to serve as best man for his cousin, Lord Blackburn, Shannon's soon to be brother-in-law, he falls for her at first sight and jokingly proposes marriage. Shannon tries desperately to deny her attraction to the young whelp and concentrate on gaining a pub’s contract for her beer. Will Shannon’s determination not to fall into a matrimonial trap like her three sisters and an untimely announcement keep her from taking Colin’s offer of love and partnership?

"Earls Just Wanna Have Fun" is a hilarious hops and barley brew-haha of a romantic tale about two aristocrats going against the grain! Vivacious characters unapologetically wanting what they want will tap into readers’ thirst from the first sip to the last. Lusty, libidinous love scenes are frothy frolics to savor slowly. Family dynamics are deftly described with endearing and infuriating accuracy readers are sure to find relatable. The hilarious dialogue is full of bawdy innuendos. The expected norms of the era and instilled prejudices are just begging to be broken. The unexpected cougar/cub relationship gives the tale a nice twist. In this wicked O'Shea family installment, Merry Farmer brings a keg to the party with her friends-to-lovers’ tale that tickles the funny bone and taps into one's desire to follow their dreams.

Tonya Mathenia