Earl of Scarborough (The Honorable Rogues Wicked Earls' Club Book 21)


The eccentric Earl of Scarborough hates mingling with society. Unfortunately, in order to find a wife, he has to do just that — but he has some quirks that might put a woman off being with him.  When he is robbed, the last thing he expects is to run into a woman who makes his blood feel as though it is boiling. She is beautiful but very unsuitable, due to her station. Willow needs to earn enough money to return to America and agrees to become the Earl's housekeeper. What she does not expect is to feel an attraction towards him that she cannot control. Will they be able to overcome social conventions and be together? 

One aspect that really stands out in this book is Ansley's OCD. The description of the things he does is spot on and shows that research was done to ensure the portrayal is accurate. The characters are varied and readers will love the main players and will hate those against them. The question of whether or not they will be able to be together hangs over until the end and adds to the tension throughout. There are some clichéd aspects to the story, however it is a good one nonetheless. Collette Cameron has written a great addition to the Honorable Rogues series and "Earl of Scarborough" is a great endorsement for it, and a fantastic historical romance that tackles a very real issue for many people.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick