Duty (A Novel of Rhynan)

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FANTASY:  Lady Brielle is the reluctant bride of Lord Irvaine, the conquering warrior of her people, on behalf of King Mendal.  Orwin, her self-absorbed cousin and heir to her deceased father’s earldom, bargained her away to Lord Irvaine so he could escape justice for his disloyalty to the king.  Yet she finds that Tomas is a very good man, honorable and caring, treating her with respect as his wife.   She doesn’t want to love her husband, but love comes anyway.  

Tomas has fought hard to rise above a painful past of illegitimacy to his current earldom.  Now he just wants a peaceful life, a good marriage, and a mother for his orphaned son.  In Brielle, he sees a woman of courage, integrity, with a strong, alluring beauty.  But there are people who are plotting betrayal against the King, and to overthrow the lands that Tomas won by right.  Together, Brielle and Tomas battle for their love, along with peace for their family and people.

Duty’s main characters are genuine and admirable.  Their struggles and emotional turmoil are poignant, drawing the reader into their lives. The romantic connection between Brielle and Tomas is compelling, as they evolve from strangers to a sincerely loving couple.  Despite the fantasy storyline, this novel reads like well-researched medieval historical fiction.  The intrigue due to traitors in their midst adds risk, and the action sequences are vivid.  While the story seemed to slow down at times, “Duty” is an absorbing romance!

Danielle Hill