Duke of Sorrow (Dukes of Destiny, Book 2)


William, a younger son, never expected to be Duke. Instead, he trained as a doctor. Sadly, he is badly disfigured by cannon blast during the war with Spain. After a painful recovery and rejection by his fiancée, he turns in upon himself, becoming a recluse. His Aunt Jane, is his only companion. Walking one night, Will and Jane discover an unconscious young woman, who has been badly beaten. They take her home, where Will heals her. However, she will not give them her name or say anything about herself. Augusta refuses to divulge information fearing she will be sent back to her abusive father. As she heals, through her gentle yet stubborn nature, she wheedles her way into Will’s life. Can they get beyond their stubborn natures and accept the love growing between them, or will the law force Will to send her back to her father?

“Duke of Sorrow” is a delightful reimagining of the Beauty and the Beast tale. Will comes back from the war a physically and emotionally shattered man. But buried deep inside, his compassionate, generous nature still survives. Augusta, a heroine full of depth, possesses both pig-headed stubbornness and a gentle nature allowing her to look past Will’s disfigurement to the true man beneath. Watching Augusta team up with Aunt Jane, slowly breaking down the walls Will has constructed around his life and his heart will have readers sighing with contentment. Though the plot is a bit slow initially, Ms. Blake guides her characters through the story with deftness, avoiding the clichés that plague many retellings. A delightful, sweet romance that looks beyond the surface to the heart of love.

Marc Joseph