Duke in All But Name (The Entitled Gentlemen Book 1)

Caroline Warfield

Euphemia Selwyn is the unwanted niece of Lord Ludlow Selwyn. The townspeople of Nether Abbas delight in her poor relation status and snicker behind her back. The chin wagging finds a new target when Gideon Kendrick arrives at the ducal manor of Woodglen. Gideon’s younger brother, the Duke of Glenmoor, has gone missing. Rumours of the Duke’s demise have brought relatives out of the woodwork. One Felton Tavernash, in particular, squats in the ducal quarters, hoping to speed the transfer of title. But much maligned Gideon was the late Duke’s true heir, and his brother, hoping to make things right, has given Gideon legal authority over Woodglen, making him “Duke in all but name.” When her foolish social-climbing cousin, Selina, inadvertently drags Mia to Woodglen for an extended visit, Mia and Gideon confide in one another to battle gossip and malice. 

“Duke in All But Name” invokes a gothic air into the realm of Georgian romance. The Hunchback of Notre Dame meets Pride and Prejudice. Sweet compassionate Mia sees the kindness beneath the ugly falsehoods that target Gideon’s scoliotic form, while feverish Selina pursues the pretender Felton with unabashed tenacity. Mia’s forbearance of her family’s snobbery and Gideon’s resilience to the abuse he has suffered from his father and townspeople contrast with the vicious side of human nature. They are two lights shining down a dark corridor of injustice and pain. There is much to enjoy between the suspenseful intrigue within Woodglen, the swoon-worthy attentions of Gideon towards Mia, and their eventual vindication in public opinion. Caroline Warfield warms the heart with this elegantly written tribute to authenticity and compassion!

Joan Lai