The Duke’s Undoing


The Duke of Ruisdell is back from the war, injured, bored and losing patience fast when his friend challenges him to a bet to seduce the one young women many men want but can’t seem to hold.

Miss Elie Edwards is in the processi of ending her third engagement - although through circumstances beyond her control.  Her first died in the war, her second lost his mind, and the third is in love with her best friend - she has been labeled a virtual pariah and may never receive another offer.  Accepting her fate and living the quiet life of a spinster, however, is harder than she expected.  Not only has the third suitor changed his mind and expressed undying love and her second is back, mad as a hatter and determined no one will have her!  Enter The Duke of Ruisdell, who offers his protection.

What a wild romp of a story!  The hilarious twists and turns just keep coming as both Elise and the reader try to figure a way to happiness. There are times the character's choices cross the line into unrealistic or uncharacteristic but Miss Vandagriff has obviously written her characters with tongue-in-cheek as the far-fetched but fun circumstances build.  As each of the situations are overcome, another springs up, leaving the story with a long list of small incidents but no real arc to the story. This may leave some readers wondering when it will end, while others will just relax and enjoy the (baby) roller coaster  of a ride!

Ruth Lynn Ritter