The Duke’s Sweet Revenge


Lady Sarah Davies is about to marry the Duke of Sussex. While traveling to his home, however, the coach is set upon by highwaymen and Sarah is kidnapped.  Secretly impoverished and knowing her only hope is in the  marriage she is missing, she tries desperately to escape but to no avail. When Sarah is finally returned, she is determined to unravel the mystery - and the man behind it!


Unbeknownst to Sarah, her kidnapper is the Duke’s brother, George.  Convicted of a murder he did not commit, he is determined to clear his name and Sarah is the key.  Unfortunately, his feelings for her are a complication he can not ignore.  But, loving her will assuredly be her downfall.


This story starts off with all the excitement and intrigue a reader yearns for!  The plot is written with surprising bits of humor sprinkled into each situation. Sarah is spirited, yet sweet.  George is an honorable, kind man forced into a situation beyond his control.  They are easy to love and cheer for.  Unfortunately as the story progresses, both undergo a sudden change in personality that completely throws and confuses the reader.  George becomes a callous jerk to Sarah, taking her virginity (previously protecting it,) treating her like a whore (her words) while insisting he will never marry her. The here-to-fore feisty Sarah meekly accepts this treatment.  Huh?  What happened to the characters we were cheering for?  If one overlooks the schizophrenic lapses, the plot to unmask and bring a murderer to justice really is fun and engrossing to read.


Ruth Lynn Ritter.