The Duke’s Magnificent Obsession (The Hellion Club Book 6)


Barrett Falconner Graves, Duke of Hargrieve, is known as the Mad Duke, accused of killing his father and older twin brothers when he was a lad. He too was injured that day, with no memory of what happened. He is annoyed when his aunt appears on his doorstep with two half grown sons, a young daughter, Meredith, and her governess. Barrett cannot take his eyes off the beautiful governess, Minerva. Later he notices his cousin Peter has designs on Minerva and is conniving to have his way with her. Minerva is frightened of the boy. Willis, the older boy, helps Peter with his quest, while Aunt Charlotte encourages the behavior. Soon Barrett finds he cannot get his mind off Minerva. She constantly thinks of him too, but because she is the illegitimate daughter of a gentleman, she believes she is not suitable for him. Barrett has no plans to wed, but Minerva could change his mind…

The Prologue introduces us to the mystery of the story, and the reader gets a front seat view of the killings, which is heart wrenching. The characters are all bigger than life with personalities to match. Charlotte and her boys are pure evil and conniving, doing things to benefit only themselves, while Barrett, Minerva, and Meredith are the diametric opposite. It is hard to keep Minerva and Meredith straight because their names are so similar. It is difficult to believe that Willis and Peter could change so much from their diabolical ways with a just push from Barrett. Plenty of twists in this story keep readers invested in the tale, from the original murder, to kidnapping, and finally true love.

Belinda Wilson